The essence of a fabric lies in its fibres, and like a fingerprint, no two handcrafted fibres are exactly the same. Every fabric carries its own individuality, from whence it came and defined by the painstaking process of its production. Scarlet garments are formed in a variety of choice fabrics, such as cashmere, pashmina, silk, lined or cotton, and every one of these are carefully sourced and re-sourced to secure the finest qualities. Whether it is the legendary cashmere of Kashmir or luxurious Italian made silk, our experienced fabric experts leave no stone unturned to ensure only quality fibres make their way into your Scarlet experience.



Derived from the mountains of Kashmir, cashmere is the very fine and soft natural fibre from the undercoat of the cashmere goat and each of our cashmere scarves and shawls can be distinguished by the individual woven details of this durable, yet delicate, wool.

With use, your cashmere shawl or scarf may need to be cleaned from time to time. You can have it professionally dry-cleaned and by hand using the following steps :

  • Carefully hand-wash your shawl or scarf using a delicate shampoo, such as baby shampoo
  • Soak your cashmere in cold water (never in hot water) and gently wash the item - don't stretch or scrub while washing as an easy massaging will do
  • Rinse and let it dry naturally

Remember :

  • DO NOT wring or twist your cashmere as this will damage the delicate fibers.
  • DO NOT put your cashmere in a dryer after hand washing as it will shrink and damage.
  • DO NOT bleach or soak your cashmere


Pilling is a natural process even for high quality cashmere. When your cashmere is new, it may appear to pill a little bit to remove the excess fibre. You can see this in the little balls that start to gather on your shawl or scarf (typically in areas where there is friction). This natural phenomenon and will reduce over time, making your cashmere feel even softer. One common way to stop or reduce pilling in the beginning is to carefully hand-wash or professionally dryclean your cashmere.


With proper care, your Scarlet cashmere will reciprocate the love you show for it and will get softer with each use. Here are some tips to help you treasure your cashmere for years to come :

  • You can protect your cashmere shawl or scarf by storing it in a closet or drawer.
  • Make sure your cashmere is clean and completely dry before storing
  • Always keep cashmere away from heat sources and direct sunlight to preserve the color and luxury of the cashmere fabric